10E Binocular Microscope

10E Binocular Microscope


10E Binocular Microscope

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10E Binocular Microscope

Structure(check below view

1 Eyepiece

2 Head

3 Up/Down Knob

4 Zoom control knob

5 Round Column


7 clip

8 black and white plate

9 Objective Lens

10 Zoom Lens

11 Head Lock-screw

The base parameters

Column height: 240mm


Equipped with pressing tablet and

Φ95mm black and white plate

Base: 200 x255x22mm

Support parameters

Column aperture: Φ32mm

Lens aperture: Φ76mm

Center distance: 155mm

   Lifting range: 50mm

Different eyepieces match different magnifications of the same objective lens